Hex Partners

by Tide

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released November 8, 2015

Tide would like to thank- firstly our families, for creating us.. our friends, for being the greatest jagaloons we could ask for, and everyone who came out to support us in our first round of shows. A special thanks goes out to Dylan Frankland for believing in us, in offering us the time of day to record, mix, master, and do basically everything aside from play instruments, which technically isn't true cause he wrote the lead to Inertia... shout outs are also deserved to the guys in Prison, for getting us our first show, sharing gear with us, and for just being all around rad dudes who believe in the power of the local music scene. Also a special thanks and air props goes out to Thrifty Kids and Molly Drag, it has been an honour to share a stage with friends, and hope it continues. Also a shout out is deserved for Ashli Green, whose art is graciously appearing on this Album, Tide thanks her immensely cause it makes us look professional when we are clearly far from. Lastly we thank the living god of feedback, Craig Lemmon, for lending us some of his holiest of holies, and a special thanks to everyone who takes the time to listen to this album. Much love.

All songs written By Tide (except Inertia, whose lead was written by Dylan Frankland)
Lyrics By Kody Hesch

Mixed, mastered, produced - Dylan Frankland and Break Even Records
Assistant engineer and back up vocals on "Samara" - Sarah Cogan
Recorded at - Pebble Studios




all rights reserved


Tide Barrie, Ontario

Kody Hesch- song singer and string plucker
Braedon Moosang- skins and symbols
Logan Mathews - rhythm and throat
Ryan Columbus-
lead guitar

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Track Name: Samsara
grounded my wings. in my dreams my voice was like a crashing airplane. My breath drew fire and my body found peace
& its all gone now. And you can't hope to get it back
& you can't leave now. With so much blood on the tracks
Given up on, the fruitless notion that salvation is coming. Through the wreckage, I burned up like coal in the pilots cabin
&its all gone now. And you can't hope to get it back
& and you can't learn to fly kid, give those wings back
I don't want to burn up in these flames, don't let me, I don't wanna burn up in these flames.

excerpt from the Lotus Sutra
This old and decayed house belonged to one man. The man had gone a short distance from the house when, before he had been gone very long, in the rear rooms suddenly a fire broke out, from all four sides at once, raging in flame. The ridgepoles and beams, the rafters and pillars, shaking and cracking broke asunder and fell, while the walls and partitions collapsed. The ghosts and demons raised their voices in a scream. The malignant beasts and poisonous insects milled about in a panic, unable to get out. Stinking smoke, with its foul odour, filled the place on all four sides. In this way that house was extremely frightening,full with calamities, conflagrations, and many other troubles occurring all at once.
At that time the householder, standing outside the door, heard someone say, "Your children a while ago, in play, entered this house. Being little and knowing nothing, they are enjoying themselves and clinging to their amusements."
Having heard this, the great man entered the burning house in alarm, to save them from the catastrophe of burning. He coaxed his children, explaining the many calamities: the demons, insects, snakes, foxes and dogs."This is a woeful and troublesome place; how much the more so with a great fire!"
The children, knowing nothing, though they heard their father's admonitions, were still addicted as before to their pleasures and amused themselves ceaselessly. The great man thought to himself, "This house has not one pleasant feature, yet the children, steeped in their games, and not heeding my instructions, will surely be injured by the fire."
Track Name: Plum Blossom
Closed eyes and a clouded over vision. Sweetness come and pay a visit. Check first the timing of her method, then take me to the farthest flung heaven
and she smells like plum-blossoms
and I'm reminded of how..
Shaved head and a new found saints devotion. Hung my jaw just to show my dedication. Spill my guts and mistake it all for a feeling. Blind now from the brilliance of her lipstick
and she smells like plum-blossoms
and I'm reminded of how it feels to long
“oh look it seems your fucked up again. Barely conscious in your punk-rock demands”
felt my legs shake the moment you spoke, and knew then that I was hopeless and alone
Track Name: Tofu
give or take a year. You will not be here. Will you say my name, with a sense of shame?
You turned away so quick, that I thought that you were imagined. My head is off in a strange place, that's where I stay these days.
Can't seem to get this through my skull, a need to always be this stoned. For everything that I have done, Everything that will come

“and I wouldn't feel so all alone... everybody must get stoned.” Bob Dylan- Rainy Day Women #12 and #35
Track Name: Inertia
I'll wait, for the seasons to change their mind. About us. Then all this rain can stop. To think, that you must of felt it too. In the backseat, out a cars rear window
well hang me from the wall. I'm nothing more to you then a photo you can burn, when you feel like shit. Watch your house ignite into a sea of fire. And blame it on the ghost that you just don't see there.
well kick me out the door. I'm nothing more to you then an ulcer or a sore, that keeps you up at night. Waiting for release, you held me back and said, “take just what you need” but my hands were full.
Track Name: Hex Partners
Cut my hair today. It fell into a bathroom sink. Flushed it down the drain. Lit a candle and stayed awake. Watched it melt away, saw the fires flicker out, in your eyes my love. .. I grew wings and flew away.
“come down from there” you said
but I couldn't hear you with the wind screaming in my ears
I bit off more then I could chew
Now I'm choking on these bones without you
Take a poor excuse, and slay me where I stand
I'll mean more to you as a Martyr, then I did your boyfriend..
The summer I was a witch
I cast so many spells
now they 're all coming back to me
as curses aimed at my chest.
Burn me at the stake. Just burn me at the stake.
Just burn me at the stake. Just burn me at the stake