by Tide

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released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Tide Barrie, Ontario

Kody Hesch- song singer and string plucker
Braedon Moosang- skins and symbols
Logan Mathews - rhythm and throat
Ryan Columbus-
lead guitar

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Track Name: Izanami
These are feelings, I emit. Please get me used to all of them. All this being here. Left to the road. I grew tired of it, on the walk home. I can't escape this scenery now. Too much holding back has left me out. I waited so I could ask a question. To something that I already had an answer. These are feelings, hate to admit. That I've grown, so used to them. All this dead space, left to the street. I am the road-kill, five cities back.
Track Name: All Cats Are Beautiful
Word has it that your too cool to go outside. If that’s the case then there’s a small price for your loss. But who am I telling you to spend your weekend. Its obvious you got better things to do. I can't stand her anymore. Shes not impressed and I'm just suppressing her. I can't stand her anymore. Shes not impressed and I'm just depressing her. Why is it that I wake up alone each morning? I kiss the dog before I go to bed each night. I can't stand me anymore. I’m not impressed, and not impressing her. She can't stand me anymore.
Track Name: Orange Peel
Driving high. In your car. Bottomed out on mushrooms again. Does your mom know, where you are, and does she care that I'm on the passenger side. Strung out by too many passing lights. The sideroads we drove just to pass the time. Down the lane and to your room, the orange peel you left right beside your bed. Growing mold. I've shrivelled up between your bedposts. I wanna be that fragrant. To grow rotten before I'm thrown out. I wanna be that fragrant